An import/export permit is required for South Africa and you have to be 21 years of age. 
A maximum of four firearms per person and none of the same caliber are allowed. 
Any firearm, including handguns, semi automatic rifles and shotguns may be imported/exported into South Africa. 
No automatic fireams are allowed.
Handguns and Semi automatic firearms needs special permits which must be obtained well in advance of arrival in South Africa. 
A maximum of 200 rounds of ammunition, per firearm, per caliber are allowed.  Some airlines have a weight limit on ammuntion (i.e. 11 lbs which is approximately 100 rounds of .375 ).

Please be advised that you need to familiarize yourself with the new Firearm Control Act and that you need to be aware of the legal requirements pertaining to the safe handling, storage, transportation and use of the firearms in terms of the Firearms Control Act 2000 (Act 60 of 2000).

The new act requires the outfitter to supply the hunter with a Letter of Invitation without which an import permit will not be issued. African Field Sports will suplly this letter upon receipt of a deposit and all the necessary information with regards to the hunter's firearms.

Hunters' Support - Air2000 is a company who offers a service where they apply for the necessary firearm permits.  We strongly advise all our clients to make use of this service.   Click here to visit their website

A medium rifle 7mm to 30.06 calibre with a good scope is recommended. For wingshooting 12 and/or 20 gauge shotguns are preferable.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:    SAA have issued a directive on the transportation of sporting weapons and ammunition - as follows:

All sporting weapons must be packed and transported in an IATA approved lockable hard firearm case.
All firearms must be declared at the time of check in and must be handled via the designated firearm handling process.
It is advisable to place in the remarks section of the booking that the passenger is carrying sporting weapons and ammunition.
No more than two rifles per case per passenger - keeping in mind the firearms must be of a different caliber.
Ammunition must be packed in a lockable box with a key or box with TSA approved combination lock and placed in the checked luggage.
A maximum of 5kgs (11 lbs) is allowed per firearm carrying passenger.

It is advisable to keep these regulations in mind if travelling on SAA or its code share partners within the SADAC states (Southern Africa).


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