Learning the GAME

South Africa boasts a wide variety of wildlife. Due to the countries range of biomes it can play host to a large and diverse range of animals.

Plains Game is a term used by hunters when referring to fair-game species of antelope. These antelope are generally found on the plains or savannahs. The term is rather unspecific and refers to a range of different species, from the Duiker and Springbuck to the larger Kudu and Eland. Take nothing away from the animals in this category as they offer the hunter a lot of excitement and a great challenge.

Dangerous Game can offer the hunter a unforgettable experience. The Big 5 game species include the Lion, African Elephant, Cape Buffalo, Leopard and Rhinoceros. The members of the Big 5 were chosen for their difficulty and degree of danger to hunt on foot.

Hunting Blesbuck
Hunting Blue Duiker
Hunting Vaal Rhebuck
Hunting Klipspringer
Hunting Steenbuck
Hunting Burchells's Zebra
Hunting Water Buffalo
Hunting Black Wildebeest
Hunting Waterbuck
Hunting Mountain Reedbuck
Blue Wildebeest
Hunting Bontebok
Hunting Bushbuck
Hunting Bushpig
Hunting Cape Buffalo
Hunting Cape Eland
Hunting Caracal
Hunting Grey Duiker
Hunting Gemsbuck
Hunting Giraffe
Hunting Impala
Hunting Kudu
Hunting Lechwe
Hunting Nyala
Hunting Red Hartebeest
Hunting Roan
Hunting Sable
Hunting Springbuck
Hunting Cape Mountain Zebra

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